As of the 4th November 2016, the application process for the 2017 Air League Scholarships is open.

The Air League is an organisation which represents the UK aerospace sector with the intent to keep Britain at the forefront of aviation. The Air League’s standpoint on aviation issues is well respected within corporate and government groups and the organisation has many partners within the aviation community. It also supports numerous disadvantaged groups, using aviation as a gateway to life-changing experiences and opportunities.

Print The Leading Edge, a sub-organisation of The Air League, is run by voluntary Air League members and aims to promote aviation and aerospace careers to the next generation. The Leading Edge hosts numerous aviation visits and events throughout the year for its members and offers many useful perks including access to career advice from industry leaders and the chance to apply for flying scholarship & bursary schemes.

All aspects of aviation are catered for, from gliding, to powered flying and engineering. Applications are now open!air-league-gintof-1

Please head over to for more information and to click the link to the online application form. The 2017 Air League Scholarships provide a huge and welcome opportunity for newcomers to get their first hours in the Logbook. If you, or someone you know is interested in flying, gliding or aviation engineering, then it is strongly recommended that you to have a look at what The Air League can offer.

If you would like further information about flying scholarships or other Leading Edge events, please do come and chat to the team at either the RAeS Careers in Aerospace LIVE Event on 4th November 2016 or Pilot Careers LIVE Event 5th November. 2016



Content and photographs courtesy of James Rowland

2016-17 Leading Edge Panel Member