Leicester Airport


Elevation – 469ft amsl

AFIS – 122.125 – Call sign – Leicester Radio

Runways – 5

Navigation Aids on aerodrome – NDB “LE” 385.50 (on A/D with range 10nm)

Fuel – 100LL, Jet A1

Telephone Number (For PPR) –  0116 259 2360 / 3484

Operating hours, hangarage, parking, landing fees and landing cards – Please see website.


Leicester Airport is an aerodrome located to the east of Stoughton, Leicestershire, England, and is approximately 4 nautical miles east of Leicester City Centre. Leicester Airport operates private flying, lessons and training.

The airfield was constructed in 1942 as part of the former RAF station, RAF Leicester East.

short-stirling-05The following squadrons were posted to the airfield:

  • No. 190 Squadron RAF – flying Short Stirling
  • No. 196 Squadron RAF – flying Short Stirling

In March 1945 all operational military aircraft left Leicester East, and the airfield was placed on Care and Maintenance until its closure on 31 December 1947.

The facility was named Stoughton Aerodrome prior to 1974.

The airport has a CAA Ordinary Licence that allows flights for the public transport of passengers or for flying instruction as authorised by the licensee—Leicestershire Aero Club Limited.

Location and amenities

Leicester Airport is located approximately 4 miles East of Leicester and has strong transport links to the City.

Leicestershire Aero Club operates Leicester Airport, the club having been established in 1909. The club has been operating from our current location at Leicester Airport (RAF Leicester East) since 1951.At Leicestershire Aero Club you can enjoy great facilities and top-level instruction is provided in a friendly club atmosphere. Training is to the highest standard across many levels of flying qualification ranging from LAPL, PPL, IR(R), FIC, Night Rating, Aerobatics course and Flying Companion Course. Introductory Flights are also popular and readily available as is aircraft self-hire.

Pilot Information

Leicestershire Aero Club maintain a comprehensive website containing all of the information that the visiting pilot requires and they have healthy social media followings on Facebook and Twitter.

la8Leicester Airport maintains and operates 5 runways, 3 being asphalt and 2 being grass. Runway 15/33 is used for short-term aircraft parking when not in use.

Also contained within the website is information on noise abatement procedures which is simple to understand and Leicester Radio Operators will be happy to discuss with you further.

On departure, please avoid over flying Houghton-on-the-Hill, Little Stretton, Stoughton, Oadby and Great Glen where possible.

Fuel and Oil are available at the airport and customs can be arranged with 24 hours notice.

Club facilities and bar meals are available and details of opening hours and the bar menu are posted within the website. The legendary Curry nights that are held on a Thursday during the summer months, are spoken about around the region!

Flying in

Leicester Airport is situated beneath East Midlands Class D CTA which begins at 5500′.

la13East Midlands are extremely friendly and accommodating if flying in from the North and East and equally, if travelling from the North West or West, Birmingham Radar operate a listening squawk. Visiting pilots are advised to utilise the Listening Squawk and to squawk 0010 and to monitor Birmingham Radar Frequency on 118.050, who will provide assistance if an emergency situation arises.

PPR is preferred at Leicester Airport and non-radio aircraft must obtain prior clearance.

la11The Standard Overhead Join is also preferred for fixed wing aircraft and details of runway and circuit orientation for both fixed wing (1200′ QFE) and rotary aircraft (700′ QFE) can be found on your approach plate. Deconflicting circuits are in place for rotary and fixed wing and pilots are reminded to make thorough preparations when planning a visit to this thriving airport.

Going forward

A new landlord in the form of The Welcome Trust has recently taken over at Leicester Airport. The Welcome Trust in conjunction with Leicester Airport, has both medium and long-term plans for development. New hangars, runway lengthening and the potential for increasing VLJ operations are all projects planned with the intention and capability of making this fantastic airport even better..

In Summary

Leicester Airport is a well run, well maintained and friendly General Aviation Airfield with plenty to occupy both visiting pilots and non-aviators alike.

Great food and drink, top-notch training facilities and genuine, friendly staff make Leicester Airport a fantastic Airport to visit. I speak from experience and look forward to my return trip.


Before visiting:

  1. Check the website
  2. Careful consideration to noise abatement as detailed on the website / plate.
  3. Speak with an on duty Radio Operator for more details.
  4. Arrange PPR

For videos showing arrival and departure to and from Leicester Airport, and a selection are available on the author’s YouTube channel.