Are you looking to spread your wings this coming year and visit a number of new airfields? Are you concerned that you might be a little rusty on your RT outside of the old familiar?

x2Whether you plan to visit a farm strip, an airfield with an A/G Radio, an aerodrome with a FISO or indeed, visit that Class D airport in the near future, then we can help you prepare.

The CAA CAP 413 Radiotelephony Manual will provide you with in-depth information, but if you require an Aide Memoir to take with you when flying, then please download and use the guide. This is a cut out and keep guide to the subtle differences between the more common and typical RT expected when speaking to ATC, FISO and Air to Ground Radio controlled airfields. Laminate it and keep it in your flight bag as a handy reference.

x1Booking a flight with an instructor and visiting an airport within Class D Airspace is a fantastic idea and will not only sharpen your skills and confidence,  but will also remove the nervousness that some pilots experience when it comes to speaking with ATC or requesting a MATZ Penetration. If we all do our bit to improve not only our RT, but also our skill set, then we can also help to reduce controller workload and reduce infringements.

Happy flying