How to set a Garmin GNS430 to 8.33 kHz spacing

A quick video guide demonstrating how to change a Garmin GNS430 from 25.0KHz to 8.33KHz spacing

The London Flight Sim: An immersive flying experience

The London Flight Sim. Versatile, realistic, and totally immersive. Make sure you book your visit soon.

Distress and Diversion Cell: A Practical Guide to Practice Pan and Training Fix

A Practical Guide to communicating to the Distress and Diversion cell, featuring video of Practice Pan and Training Fix requests.

UK Flying Training Map

Use this map to find flying schools based in or run from the UK [googlemaps]

The Practicalities of flying in the USA

Having validated your UK licence to an FAA licence, now is the time to have fun!

Flight Performance Data: Ready Reckoner

A handy Flight Performance Data Ready Reckoner for the flight bag. Invaluable to the student pilot and a great tool and Aide Memoire for the more experienced pilot.

ATC, FISO and A/G Radio Transmission Aide Memoire

A handy flight guide to RT transmission differences at ATC, FISO and A/G Airfields

UK to USA Licence Conversion

A step by step guide to validating your EASA/CAA Private Pilots Licence for an FAA licence. Expensive? £43 - all in!