If you’re at all interested in flying model aircraft, you’ll probably have seen the Flite Test channel on YouTube. Josh Bixler and the team produce terrific content that is informative, exciting to watch and often very very funny.

Not only that but they have also started the Flite Fest live events, bringing together model fliers from all over the world and helping to inspire and assist the next generation of scale pilots, more than a few of which will doubtless become full-size aviators once the aviation bug bites!

Like many “full-scale” pilots I’ve built, owned and flown my fair share of model aircraft and it’s a tremendous way to learn the principles of flight, and gives a really thorough understanding of basic aircraft design. Not only that, but it’s great fun too, and with the advent of ever shrinking electronics and with the help of a passionate community, its now possible to build a flyable radio-controlled model out of cardboard and less that £100 worth of gear.

Now, the team at Flite Test are “up-scaling” and tackling General Aviation. Given the quality of their videos to date, this is bound to be a good thing for the GA community. If their launch video is anything to go by, they will be covering subjects from right across the diaspora of civil aviation, and given that they’re based in the U.S.A. they are likely to have access to some incredible projects.

We look forward to seeing what they get up to in the months ahead.