All civil Aircraft are required to have 8.33 kHz spacing capability by 1st January 2018. Further information regarding the implementation and the requirements can be found on the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) website.

Many aircraft currently flying and using 25.0kHz radios are likely to have the capability to simply switch between 25.0 kHz and 8.33 kHz spacing. The Implementing Rule (IR) 1079/2012 says that radio equipment put into service after November 2013 should be 8.33 kHz voice communications system (VCS) capable and manufacturers must ensure radios placed on the market from this date meet this requirement.

Attached is a short Get Into Flying video guide demonstrating how to change the setting on a Garmin GNS430 GPS/NAV/COM unit.

The full user manual can be downloaded directly from the Garmin website should you ave a different model of radio fitted to your aircraft.

Please check your radio manufacturer user manual for more details.

We hope the video guide is of use – The Get Into Flying team