To celebrate their 10,000th hour of successful helicopter training and charter, Phoenix Helicopter Academy are giving away a £10,000 prize celebration!

IMG_3866Phoenix Helicopter Academy are giving away one prize per month and interest in the prize giveaway has been generating great interest and excited conversation within General Aviation.

In March, Phoenix launched a Facebook photograph competition and the lucky winner was able to experience a 30 minute Trial Lesson in one of their pristine Robinson R22 helicopters.

April saw the Goodwood Robinson R22 Discovery Day where the lucky winner was afforded 2 hours of lessons in the R22.

IMG_4020The May competition was an internal giveaway for students, self hire and charter customers who had already spent £1000 on training, self hire or charter of Phoenix Helicopters. Phoenix matched this with a £1000 credit to the winners account, who was a current PPL student, allowing him to progress his training.

June saw a very popular photo competition, where prospective winners with a keen interest in aviation were encouraged to send in their own aviation related photographs. The prize – £1000 flying credit at Phoenix Helicopters and the winner is to be announced soon.

5HR heli schollarship bannerJuly sees the launch of the truly fantastic 5 Hour Introductory Helicopter Flying Scholarship. Phoenix Helicopters have teamed up with The Air League and Pooley’s Flight Equipment to enable this Flying Scholarship. The successful applicant will be invited to attend at Phoenix Helicopter Academy, Goodwood Aerodrome between 17th-20th September 2016 to undertake the 3 day course. No previous experience is necessary, but for anyone wishing to fly, this is an amazing opportunity to get airborne and begin their training.

The mutual support of Phoenix Helicopter Academy, The Air League and Pooley’s Flight Equipment has been a huge enabler in making this scholarship happen. As many of you will know, The Air League’s core purpose is to be an influential champion for aviation and aerospace and they are passionate and committed to showcasing aviation and aerospace to the younger generation, enjoying huge success through their scholarships and promotion of aviation. On an annual basis they award somewhere in the region of 50 flying scholarships and bursaries, for fixed wing, rotary, and gliders, as well as engineering scholarships.

Air LeaguePooley’s Flight Equipment have generously donated a complete PPL H flying bag, containing everything that the student pilot requires to begin their journey, study and pass their exams and really kickstart their training program. This isn’t just a giveaway, it’s valuable rungs on the training ladder for any prospective student.

Pooleys Logo largeAnyone wishing to apply for this 5 Hour Introductory Helicopter Flying Scholarship must be a member of The Air League. If you are not yet a member, you can visit The Air League website and become a member online. Access to the online application form is via The Air League website’s Scholarship page. The closing date for application is 31st July 2016 and the 5 Hour Introductory Helicopter Flying Scholarship will be held at Phoenix Helicopter, Goodwood Aerodrome, between the 17th and 30th September 2016.

An immaculate fleet of aircraft, a historic and friendly aerodrome and the opportunity to undertake a 5 hours flying training scholarship make this a much talked about and unique opportunity, so strongly suggest you get applying!



IMG_3857Phoenix Helicopter Academy runs two successful academies, one at Goodwood Aerodrome in Sussex and Blackbushe Airport in Surrey. They are owned and run by passionate, professional helicopter pilots whose approach and dedication to fulfilling your requirements make them stand out above the crowd. Whether you want to learn to fly for pleasure and enjoy your PPL H with friends and family, or if this is your first step to becoming a Commercial Helicopter Pilot CPL H, then you will receive the very best training in a modern Academy setting with an immaculate fleet of five Robinson R22 aircraft and two Robinson R44 aircraft, all of  which are available for training, self hire and charter flight, be it business or pleasure. Flight training currently occupies 70% of Phoenix Helicopter flight time, with the remaining being self hire and charter work.

IMG_3883I was privileged to visit Phoenix Helicopter Academy at Goodwood on 15th July 2016 and my host for the morning was the front of house, 21-year-old James Rowland (pictured left), an NPPL and PPL H with a cumulative total of 180+ flying hours. It is rare to meet someone with such an honest passion and undistracted love of aviation as James and it was a genuine pleasure to be in his company. His tour of their academy and the detail that has gone into the bespoke, light and airy briefing rooms is breathtaking. As the instructor briefs his student, the instructors computer is projected onto the large, wall mounted flat screen monitor, for an immersive and modern briefing. It sets the tone for the training to come.

Originally James Rowland was in aviation engineering in Gloucester and already a keen aviator of microlights, having funded his training through voluntary work, bursaries and scholarships through The Air League, mainly at Gloucester and Kemble. Despite job security and a promising future in this chosen field of aviation engineering, James had a calling to fly and even stronger calling, towards getting other young people flying and affording them the opportunities he had so successfully enjoyed.

IMG_3966James learned of an apprenticeship at Phoenix Helicopter Academy through the Get Into Flying website. He applied and was successful, beginning work in January 2015. James works in operations at the Goodwood Phoenix Academy and he is responsible for both marketing and administration. In return, he has access to one hour flying per week in one of their R22 or R44 aircraft as he continues to hour build and fly the aircraft for positioning maintenance flights.

To celebrate the 10,000th flying hour, James has worked hard to promote and market the prize giveaway competition, gaining the support and generous assistance from both The Air League and Pooley’s Flight Equipment, demonstrating his desire to give something back to those that were so supportive of his own aviation dreams in his younger years. He stands the proud pilot that he is today, assisted by the hard work of The Air League, the scholarships and bursaries that they provided and he is enthused by the support of the General Aviation Community, and not least, his own unfaltering dedication to flying and his will to reciprocate these opportunities to others. We will be hearing more from James and Phoenix Helicopter Academy. Of that, I have no doubt.

If you would like further information on the 5 Hour Introductory Helicopter Flying Scholarship, then please look at the Phoenix Helicopter Academy Website, email James at or alternatively, contact him on 01243 790900


5HR2A short in-flight video from the Get Into Flying YouTube channel is available, thanks to Phoenix Helicopter Academy, Goodwood.