The Royal Aero Club Flying for Youth program announces four categories of award for 2017.

The Royal Aero Club has announced that applications are now welcome for their 2017 bursaries and can downloaded via links on the Royal Aero Club website. The Royal Aero Club Trust administers the bursary scheme as part of its Flying for Youth program.

Closing dates for applications is 31 March 2017.

The scheme is divided into four categories of Bursaries:

  1. Flying Bursaries/Grants for those wishing to advance from one recognised level of air sport to the next higher level and wish to upgrade their existing qualifications;
  2. FlightSim Bursaries/Grants for Computer Flight Simulation enthusiasts wishing to gain practical experience of flying or an air sport.
  3. Aeromodelling Bursaries to enable flyers upgrade equipment or to gain further qualifications.
  4. Follow-on (Advanced) Bursaries to enable well qualified air sports persons enter international or national competitions or other prestigious events or to advance their existing qualifications to a higher level to the benefit of the sport (eg to gain an instructor qualification).

The scheme and the bursaries comprise all types of air sports and aviation-related activities including: paragliding, gliding, hang-gliding, parachuting, microlight aircraft, helicopter, light aircraft and the designing, building and flying model aeroplanes (including multi-rotary wing – eg drones).

Applicants for these grants must hold British Citizenship and be permanently resident in UK and aged 14-21 years (Follow-On (Advanced) Bursary – 24 years).