Sonaca 200Belgium-based Sonaca group is well known globally for advanced aerospace structure manufacture. Newly formed subsidiary Sonaca Aircraft have now launched their first machine, the Sonaca 200.

The aircraft is a two-seater based on the South African Sling 2 kit plane. It is currently going through EASA certification with a 750kg MTOW, putting it in the CS-VLA class.

With a Rotax 914 F powerplant the team at Sonaca expect the aircraft to achieve a 75% cruise at 115ktas with an 18L/hr burn rate, and a clean stall speed of 45kias.

The aircraft as currently demonstrated features a Garmin G3X as the PFD in front of the left hand seat, with backup ‘steam’ gauges occupying the centre console. Its likely that in common with many aircraft in the same class, the instrument fit will be tailored at least to some extent to the customer’s specification.